Bee Hive Insulation


I got 3 ekes during the summer with the intention of putting some insulation in them and putting them under the crown board in the hives to see if it helps keep in some of the heat. I saw that 2 of my hives were very light on stores, they were nucs from last August that I moved into hives in late September.

I don't want to be feeding my bees but as I don't have much in the way of spare drawn out frames of stores I thought I would give them some apifonda, its a fondant specifically made for the winter feeding of bees. I put a few drops of hive alive on it and stuffed the fondant into the whole as shown in the pic below. Crown board back on top and then the roof after and that's that.

I will the able to check to see if they are running low with out disturbing them too much. Hopefully when I get enough spare frames of drawn out stores I will be able to feed the bees back their honey as needed.