From Nectar to Market

Here is a little explanation about my raw Irish honey that's available at different times throughout the year. As these are seasonal some of the products such as heather cut comb is in limited supply and likely to run out. All the honey that I produce is truly local being collected by my bees from my apiaries around South Dublin and North Wicklow. It is sold as raw honey; this means that the honey has minimal processing and is n ot pasteurised in any way.


The honey is simply extracted from the frames and cold filtered, which means that it passes through a course filter to remove large particles such as wax cappings or propolis. The raw honey is never heated to make it pass through fine filters or to turn it into a run honey like that is found in the supermarket. As a result my honey will always crystalize naturally, the link explains why honey crystallizes.

I think by heating the honey you automatically destroy most of if not all the health benefits associated with consuming local raw honey. I’m a member of the Bee Farmers Association in the UK (the first member from the Ireland) and I’m also a member of the Federation of Irish Beekeeper Associations (FIBKA) and have public and product liability for my produce. All the jars use the FIBKA security seals that have a unique barcode associated to each of my products. I’m also registered with the Department of Agriculture and the Food Safety Authority of Ireland. An example of some of my different raw Irish honey is below. 


The Finished Products