Starting the fruit bush area


I had planted this big bed in onions back in October, but as I am getting the veg garden better organised I decided to lift them all and relocate them so as to get my crop rotation working that bit sooner. I had planned on using the bottom right corner for the fruit bushes and making a fruit cage but I think its too small, the gate is not centre at that end and leaves me only 2 beds deep.

So I have decided that the left hand side is far better and I should be able to make a big cage to accommodate all the fruit bushes, such as currants and gooseberries.

I have 275 more scaffold boards on the way tomorrow and that should be more than enough to finish the entire veg garden and a few more things.

Viola and Wesley lifting the onions...

Eight of the currants planted in this bed, the bed above will be for the gooseberries.

All the beds are heavily mulched after planting, this has many great benefits:

  • keeping the weeds away
  • keeping in the moisture in summer therefore needing less watering
  • slowing break down and add nutrients to the soil and plants 

veg gardenOlly