Some plumbing for the bees


The bees need a source of clean drinking water and having noticed them drinking down around the compost heap I thought it was time to create something for them. I came across this design on Facebook last year and this evening I thought I'd make it. I just hope its not too late because once bees choose a place for drinking they will stick with it for the year.

I had an old horse drinker here that I removed when re-doing the fence last summer and just blanked it off. I wanted to give the bees a source of water while also having a hose on a tap to fill the animals water buckets as well.

The plank of wood just has some cris-cros groves in it using the chainsaw, I drilled a hole through at the top and pushed the hose through. The tap is just on a slight trickle, just enough to allow the groves to be wet down to the ground.

Now I just have to wait and see if the bees take to it...

bees, farmOlly