Sir Olivers fantastical Menagerie of Wonders!


Hello there, I'm the wwoofer Susanne and currently staying in the summer house with another wwoofer, Laura from the USA.
 I've been here for almost a month now and I consider myself lucky to be in a place as lovely as this! I've had a lot of firsts on this farm: I'm the first girl wwoofer (or wwoofette?), I'm the first one to live in the little summer house, I've been here since the 1st of May, milked a cow for the first time, got stung by a bee for the first time (but their honey is oh so delicious!) ...

By far my favourite part of this farm is all the different kinds of animals. Goats, cows, pigs, hens, bees, sheep, you name it. I love to be around animals so this is like paradise for me :D

And not to forget the two dogs that siege our door at every opportunity. What would life be without those two? Much more boring, for sure.

Harry in camouflage mode
Stella impersonating a vampire bat 

Someone else is also getting lucky every now and then...

I'm looking forward to revisit Glenasmole in the future and to see all the progress! All those hundreds of goats and millions of bees ;)