I treated the bees for the first time today with the new MAQS (mite away quick strips). The last treatment they got for varroa mites was last January when they got vaporized with oxalic acid.

All the hives didn't react to it that much except Hive 6, as you can see from the photos the bees were hanging around outside on the front of the hive and stayed there through the night until mid-day the following day.

They recommend for the treatment that the entrance blocks are removed to give plenty of ventilation, but at this time of the year I had only put them back in two weeks ago. Its the time of the year when robbing from other bees and attacks from wasps happen.

The treatment lasts for 7 days so the entrance blocks can go back in on Thursday and if I see too much happening at a hive I will put them back in early. You can see one of the entrance blocks sitting on the roof of Hive 6.