Cattle, goats & sheep dosed with the goats & sheep getting their second heptavac vaccination


Today myself and mum took care of all the livestock, we started off by rounding up the cattle and dosing them for parasites and worms. It's time to fully wean Alfred from Cara as she is due to calf on the 7th April.2015-01-17 12.37.08So we put Kerry and Heifer back in the field while haltering Cara, Woolly and Alfred. Alfred was then tied to one of the stable doors and gave him a couple of slices of bread as a treat. Myself and mum then walked Cara and Woolly 250 meters up the road to the other field. We had to stop a few times to let cars and a truck pass us by.2015-01-17 13.00.00After that we rounded up the ewes from the lower field and put them into one of the stables and gave them their vaccination and dose both by injection. Then we moved onto the goats and gave them both the vaccination and dose too.2015-01-17 13.43.29Sheep were taken back to the lower field and you can see ram-chop on the other side of the fence. He is very friendly and you can walk right up to him but NEVER turn your back on him as he will lower his head and head-butt you.2015-01-17 14.28.31The first of the lambs are due of the 28th February with the goats having the first kids on the 2nd of March, that's if they are in lamb and kid. Only scanning them will let me now what to expect for sure.And then mum took a bale of hay down to the field shelter for the sheep, there is a little grass but best to give them the option of having a bit of hay to eat if they want.2015-01-17 14.29.19 

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