Chorizo making and my first dabble at Charcuterie


Made my first ever batch of chorizo at the weekend, unfortunately I didn't get all of it into casings as the attachment that goes onto the Kenwood Chef mixer is useless. It constantly get blocked up and overheats. Anybody thinking of getting attachments don't bother, use it as it was made for, mixing and its perfect. So looking for a proper sausage stuffer is another story for another day. This recipe from Steven Lamb calls for some diced up back bacon...2015-01-24 20.27.54Then its the usual mix of minced pork, I used shoulder and some belly for some extra fat. All the salt and spices went in on top as well as some toasted fennel seeds. I mixed it al up and left it overnight in the fridge to settle.2015-01-24 20.54.12Here are the first 7 chorizo sausages, now these can be cooked and eaten straight away but I want to let these ferment and dry cure so they can be eaten raw in around 6 - 8 weeks. For this to happen they need to be left at around 25 - 27 degrees for 12 hours, this gets the correct bacteria working in the meat, the salt helps to keep the bad bacteria away.2015-01-25 14.00.14I had to move them a little higher off the ground as Stella was taking a keen interest in them...2015-01-25 18.15.41After their 12 hours in front of the fire I moved them to the coldest part of the kitchen where they need to stay at around 12 - 15 degrees for the next 6 - 8 weeks. Its been 4 days since they were made and still smell great so at least they haven't gone rotten so far...2015-01-26 21.15.23

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