Home cured braised bacon ribs with home-made BBQ sauce


Saw an episode of River Cottage Australia where he made up a home made BBQ sauce for his pork ribs and then got the urge to take my home cured bacon ribs out of the freezer yesterday and prepare the recipe here this evening. First part was to braise the ribs in the oven for 90 minutes in cider and stock with garlic and onions.2015-01-24 20.15.04Meanwhile I whipped up the home made BBQ sauce, this whole recipe has over 36 ingredients.2015-01-24 20.15.18Ribs now ready for grilling until the sauce is caramelised on both sides.2015-01-24 21.07.41Served with extra sauce on the side and potato mash too.2015-01-24 21.55.39

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