Chorizo making take two & untangling hog casings


It was time to put the Kenwood mincer/sausage attachment into permanent retirement because here comes a proper sausage stuffer! This was designed and made for one thing and that's making sausages. And of all types too from the breakfast sausage to saucisson sec to black pudding.2015-01-29 21.07.09Loaded up and ready to go...2015-01-29 21.08.05And out it pops...2015-01-29 21.11.25It will take a bit of getting used to to make them even but it took less than 10 minutes to do what took over 90 minutes the last day...2015-01-29 21.24.08When mum was over I had her untangling a hank of casings, I think she spent over 2 hours at it and fair play because I have no patience for that at all.2015-01-29 21.06.49After two weeks hanging in the kitchen here is a pic of the second batch beside the first one. The ones to the right are the latest and look far better, they seem better filled and are holding a great colour and you can see the ingredients through the casings.2015-02-07 11.36.48