Two more new arrivals yesterday but unfortunately one didn't make it


We had two more little kid goats but they were born a few days premature and were very weak. The one on the left managed to suck and got stronger but her brother on the right was extremely weak. I decided to call Con, our local vet and see if he had a stomach tube and see if we could get some milk in to him that way.2015-02-24 19.25.42I brought him over and we got around 110ml into him and he reacted well to it. He was kept warm and seemed to be perking up when a few hours later he gave up and passed away.2015-02-24 20.03.33His sister is doing great now that she had a day of indoor heat and plenty of milk every couple of hours. She spent last night in the tesco crate beside her mum. And mum hasn't taken her eyes off her since...2015-02-25 18.54.00And this morning when I went in at 7am she was fast asleep with mum keeping a watchful eye.2015-02-25 19.24.02I got her up on her feet and see didn't leave a drop of milk behind in either teat.2015-02-26 07.28.36So fingers crossed that she turns out to be a great little goat and has her own kids in two years form now...