Back from holidays and an update since we left


After a week away on holidays its nice to be back on the farm. While we were away Mum, Ally and Paul done a great job looking after the place, as well as a big thanks to Seán for popping in and helping out when needed.While away the little premature kid goat passed away, she was pretty weak all along and her mother wasn't great at letting her suck. She was the only female kid out of 5 kids born and she had amazing markings and colours. Poor little thing...On the brighter side we had another couple of twin lambs leaving just one ewe left with a single lamb and she is due today.2015-03-07 08.37.30 This is a pic of them not long after being born...2015-03-07 08.47.52I gave Paul a big list of jobs to carry out and had them all finished, even managed to split all the firewood and stack it away in the shed to dry for the next couple of years.Now its time to plan and see how we can get the best out of the coming few months...

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