And another one...


... and definitely one of mine this time :-) I just took a stroll down the field yesterday evening before milking to see how last weeks swarm was settling in and was leaning on the fence watching the cattle when I looked down and saw this hanging off the fence... 2015-06-15 19.48.24I got an empty nuc box and brushed them down into it and left a dummy board under the front for them to walk on. I spotted the queen running out of the entrance and then back in again. Decided to catch her, mark her and put her in a butler cage hoping by the time the bees release her they will have made this their home. I also added in a frame of drawn comb a small amount of honey in it. My neighbor Liam popped over the fence to say hello while I was just about to get them into the hive.2015-06-15 20.09.05Fingers crossed they are still there this evening, I will move them to another apiary in the morning.