Some hives up on the heather


Myself and Gregoire moved some of the hives up close to the heather a couple of weeks ago. We moved them after dark when the bees had gone to bed for the night.We had a quick look inside and 5 of them were working in the supers and it looks like there is heather coming in :-)2015-08-07 09.13.17As you can see the hive on the right didn't get positioned in the dark but all is good now. They were all strong hives reduced down to one brood box and then each hive got a super with the frames just containing strips.Heather honey can only be pressed out of the wax so using foundation isn't ideal as it will probably get damaged while trying to scrape the honey from the frames. It's easier to cut all the honey/wax from the frame and mash it up before putting it into a muslin bag and pressing the honey out of the wax. But it's still a lot of work and the reason it gets a higher price.I will show some pictures of this in a few weeks, that's if we get the weather for the bees to work the heather.2015-08-07 09.13.41

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