First round of tomato passata making bottled


Chris got the first few kilos of tomatoes that I picked a couple of days ago prepared and in the oven and I started putting them through the machine after they were cooked. It has this great attachment that's for slicing fruit and veg but its also great as a mouli, it grinds the pulp and juice out but leaves the skins behind. Last year we only had the manual mouli and it took forever to do it...2015-09-20 10.59.14It was then back to the tunnel to pick all the ripe tomatoes and back into the kitchen to prepare them for the oven...2015-09-20 14.41.35With all the stalks removed I added some rapeseed oil, salt, pepper, thyme, oregano and garlic before putting into the oven at 180 Celsius for 90 minutes...2015-09-20 14.57.55The finished passata from the first batch...2015-09-20 19.54.10And some of the passata from the second batch, notice the lighter color as I included the yellow tomatoes...2015-09-20 19.54.48And into the 500ml bottles...2015-09-20 20.07.50Preserved and ready for use over the coming year, 22 x 500ml bottles. You can really notice the difference in color with them side by side. There are still plenty of tomatoes in the poly-tunnel so this is only the first round of tomato passata making. It's such a great ingredient to have in the pantry, it can be used in cooking with any recipe that calls for tomatoes...2015-09-21 22.32.14

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