Plums & courgettes


I love plums and gages (not shop ones) especially greengages, definitely my favorite fruit. I have 2 planted in the orchard but its going to be a few more years yet before I can enjoy them. In the meantime I managed to rescue a dying Victoria plum tree, it was buried in the middle of one of the macrocarpa's and was all lob-sided but I have pruned it and now the big trees are gone its starting to grow on the other side too. It's not going to last forever as it has silver leaf a fungal disease that is slowly killing it. Until it finally dies off I'm going to enjoy the plums.2015-09-12 16.57.05Stella and Harry also figured out that these plums were very tasty and decided to pick and eat all the lower plums themselves. So I picked the rest and left them a couple of days in the tunnel to ripen a bit further...2015-09-12 16.56.29Some of the outdoor courgettes I've left to get very big and then pick and let the skin harden up in the tunnel. This is a good way to preserve them for the winter months...2015-09-12 16.57.56These big ones should keep until well into the new year if stored somewhere cool and dark...2015-09-12 16.57.40

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