Starting to lift this years potatoes


Well starting to lift this years potatoes that we planted, up until now we have been eating the potatoes that regrew from last year and the year before. These are the British Queens that were planted late towards the end of April and are a great crop...2015-09-11 12.11.22We have 12 beds of potatoes that are 8' x 4', 4 of British Queens, 4 of Rooster and 4 of Golden Wonder. This is a great harvest from the first bed, over half a crate of potatoes. I'll cover them in newspaper and let them dry off for a couple of days in the tunnel before I store them somewhere cool and dark until we need them.2015-09-11 12.37.27Last year I left the potatoes in the ground until they were needed but the worms got to some of them so this year I'm trying something different. Exactly what this is I'm not too sure yet. If anyone has any suggestions for storing them please let me know.

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