Cooking on the new stove


Cooking on the new stove is amazing, we can start off a pot roast for example on the cooker then leave it sitting on top of the stove bubbling away slowly all day.Since we moved in we have spent all our time and effort setting up the smallholding, knowing that everything we done inside the house was pointless as we needed to completely renovate the house. There was one exception, the heating! We took my old log burning stove with back boiler with us and plugged it into the existing heating system but it was only 21.7KW and totally not sufficient to heat the house. It's rated for 6-8 radiators & domestic hot water and couldnt manage the 36 radiators here. Luckily the house had 3 zones and we were able to shut down one and close down most radiators that were not needed, trying to focus the heat where we were using the most.But the winters in the house are miserable and damp. So we invested in a massive 30KW boiler Heritage Stove because we have tons of our own wood around the farm. Now its not designed to cook but it does work a treat.Here is the start of an 8hr Dexter brisket pot roast with some carrots and squashes from the farm. After browning the meat on the gas hob I added a couple of bottles of beer to the pot. Then in went the veg, brought to the boil and then covered and left on top of the stove.cookingChris and Gráinne were visiting for a few days at the time. Gráinne is chilling out with a glass of wine after all the cooking in the kitchen...2015-12-27 17.57.34Here it is after cooking 8hrs on top of the stove, melt in your mouth brisket. We served it with some veg and potatoes from the garden. It's so satisfying to enjoy a meal where everything on the plate was produced here on the

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