Cattle crush coming along


Today Wesley continued on with power-washing the cattle crush, by the layers of different color paint it has been painted many times in the past. It was a pretty cold day, it didn't get higher than 5 degrees all day but it was beautiful in the sunshine. Harry was intrigued by the power hose and was watching carefully what was going on. 2015-01-08 12.16.38 The final bit of peeling rust and paint is coming off and it should be finished. I used the bale handler to lift it off the ground so to get a better angle to clean the lower parts of it.2015-01-08 14.45.49The next stage tomorrow will be to bring it into the shed to dry out completely before painting it with a primer and then top coat. Any suggestions for a color? Black, silver or white will be the easiest and cheapest to get hold of, so maybe a black it will be, we will see.