Installing the wind vane on top of the pole


The permanent position of the weather station has been decided and I moved the rain collector with the solar panel from an easterly facing position to a southerly position. We decided that the best place for the wind vane was at the top of the very tall electricity pole that we put in the corner of the veg garden for a security camera and a flood light.Now the pole is pretty tall and when we installed the camera and the light we borrowed Micks teleporter. This time around I though I could climb to the top and fix the wind vane. But before that it need to be extended as in its out of box condition it wouldn't reach over the height of the light and the wind wouldn't be accurate.I had an old carbon fiber wand from a sailing boat and managed to get it to work the way we needed after some modifications.2015-01-05 19.41.48Here it is ready to be put into position, the higher on the pole I can get it the better.2015-01-05 19.41.31Here I am at the top of the pole, Chris was at the bottom holding the ladder and also using his mobile to take pics with the camera. I managed to climb a near vertical ladder and used my climbing harness  and a couple of lanyards around the pole so I could lean out from the ladder and use both my hands when I was in a working position. It was a lot harder than I thought with it being dark, very windy and it only being 5C. But its in place and we calibrated the direction and will adjust it over the next few days if needs be.wpid-wp-1420673172519.jpegAs you can see below its a long way to the top but the wind vane is securely in place and so far its working pretty good.