First Langstroth brood box on


I'm still waiting on the foundation for the new brood boxes. But I have a hive that is very strong and couldn't wait so I got a pack of un-wired commercial foundation and cut a little off . Myself and Paul then wired it into the frames using a wax embedder that basically heats the wire to allow the wax to melt into it.2015-04-06 17.10.48As you can see the Langstroth is rectangle in shape rather than square like the Rose, National & Commercial. In order to get the box to work on top of the Rose hive I had to close off the overhang. The plan is to let the colony expand up into this box and when the queen has laid enough I will invert them around, putting a queen excluder between them and eventually clearing the bees out of the old brood box. I hope to do this with around 5 of my hives this year.2015-04-06 17.10.41So the new box goes on top of the old box, using the new roof.Photo 06-04-2015 17 15 48 (1)In a couple of weeks I will invert the hive, putting the Langstroth box on the bottom.Photo 06-04-2015 17 16 58 (1)