Started to make the first batch of goats cheese yesterday


Better to start simple and try to get it right so I thought a basic fresh Chevre would be a good start.Here is the 5lts of goats milk resting while the culture & rennet help the curds to set in the pot. When there is a thin film of whey on the surface its ready to put in the cheese cloth for the night.2015-04-12 22.07.47Then this morning before work I took it out and put it in a container with a couple of sprinkles of salt to let it cool down and rest until I got home.2015-04-13 18.20.08Then its into a big bowel and salt to taste...2015-04-13 18.21.24I have a bee-keeping talk this evening so there wasn't much time for dinner after getting the evening jobs done so what better to have than a slice toast with the fresh goats cheese.2015-04-13 18.27.55When I have some more time tomorrow evening I want to try mixing some chives and garlic through some and play around with the different tastes.

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