Another big batch of passata made and down in the pantry


Made another big batch of passata, 3 big oven dishes full of tomatoes.2015-10-02 12.50.33Over 8 liters of passata ready to go into bottles...2015-10-02 15.13.54These are the bottles with the caps on loosely, they get 30 minutes at 66 degrees and then close the lids and when they cool down they cause a vacuum. Once pastuerised they should last a very long time, we opened the last one a few weeks ago that was nearly a year old and was perfect.2015-10-02 17.37.24So including this lot we have 42 bottles made to get through the winter, I think that's enough for this year. Now I need to find something else to do with all the tomatoes that are yet to ripen.