Rest of the Bristish Queens lifted and this years garlic planted

Got the rest of the British Queens out and tipped them all out on the ground for a few hours to dry out a little. I still have 4 beds 8' x 4' of roosters and 2 beds of golden wonders to lift.2015-10-01 13.39.55After they dried out in the sun for a couple of hours I picked 125 of the best potatoes to use as seed for next year, they are the small pile at the top of the picture below. They were certified seed I bought last March so should be able to re-use my own seed for another couple of years. I will keep these somewhere cool and dark until next February when I take them out into the polytunnel to chit (sprout) them . I may even sow an early crop in the tunnel if there is some empty space.The remaining pile of potatoes were then graded into crates depending on size, the bigger ones in the left crates and the small ones to the right. We have already being eating lots of British Queens, and still all these from just 4 beds of 8' x 4'.The crates will be covered with newspaper and stacked in the garage.2015-10-01 14.10.28I'm not buying any garlic cloves this year, picking the best from my June harvest. I only planted 2 cloves of elephant garlic last year and they grew great but only one of them split into cloves, the other is the size of an apple but just one single clove like an onion. I'm going to plant all the cloves from the elephant garlic.The rest of the garlic, I've forgotten what variety it is but I've separated it up into cloves and we planted it yesterday. I think 2 bed is enough to get us through the year2015-10-01 12.42.09

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