Big progress in the orchard this year


This year we put a lot of effort into the orchard, trying to get it looking better. As well as planting hundreds of bulbs and pruning the fruit trees, we decided to plant the perimeter of the orchard with a beech hedge. This was mainly to give some shelter to the trees as well as creating sort of a screen, so you don't see everything all at once and have to venture in to take a look. I also got 6 Boston Ivy for the wall at the top but that's another story.2015-04-05 14.47.51Myself, Chris and Paul Vulin (our woofer back in March/April) dug out the grass along the fence and got the beech planted. There were 100 plants in total, but I'm thinking I will need another 150 to do the rest of it. 2015-04-05 19.17.37Pruning the apple trees back in March...Before...2015-03-05 15.45.47After...2015-03-05 15.50.21In July I decided to widen the bed for the beech hedge, the grass was creeping in too much. We had plenty of help with Wesley, Gregoire from France and Ryan & James from the US.2015-07-31 09.19.47Gregoire lifting a big roll of grass into the wheel barrow, we used some of this to patch other areas that were missing grass.2015-07-31 11.26.18Next was time to widen the space around the fruit trees. As well as the tractor mower having bumped into a couple of trees, the shallow roots on the young trees were competing with the grass for food and water.2015-07-31 11.24.22The new wider circles around the tree look better too.2015-08-18 18.04.06Although it does make it a little harder to mow with the mower.2015-08-18 18.04.14Some of the apples ready for picking at the weekend... 2015-09-08 19.46.39And these ones taste great...2015-09-08 19.46.07

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