Last of the summer honey extracted


I got the last of the summer honey extracted and its a nice rich golden color. This batch is from the bees at the bottom of the field here on the farm and was taken from the hives in September.2015-10-23 14.58.53All the honey is 100% raw and is never heated up to pass through the filters easier...2015-10-23 14.59.00The honey is removed from the frames with the extractor, then passed through a course strainer to remove large lumps of wax cappings and other debris , then straight into jars ready for sale. It couldn't be more natural! No heating and no fine filtering!2015-10-29 19.34.49This last batch filled the 50kg bucket which is around 200 jars...All I have left to do is press the heather honey and get it jarred and I'm also thinking of trying out the creamer and doing a 50kg batch of creamed summer/heather in a ratio of 2:1.