Glendalough whiskey & Storm Frank howling outside


I got a nice little present of a bottle of Glendalough whiskey from Chris this evening to help us get through Storm Frank, he is trying to convert me over to Irish single malts.Glendalough WhiskeyI do love a tipple form my Scottish single malts now and then but tonight I'm enjoying a couple of glasses of Glendalough 13 year old and its a worthy addition to my collection.The weather station here on the farm recorded a maximum wind speed of 92kph a short while ago so we are staying inside. Earlier we were down in the yard feeding the animals for the night and the roof on the lean-to part of the sheds has become detatched. In the gusts it was lifting about a foot or two off the back wall, Ill be very surprised if its not out on the golf course in the morning.