Great lunch with Mont d'Or as the center-piece


Discovered this fantastic looking cheese while over in Thomas's of Foxrock and thought it would be a great addition to lunch with Mont d'Or as the center-piece. I was told it needed to be baked a little in the oven and served like a fondue with everyone dipped some crusty freshly baked bread into it.After a little Googling I discovered how great Mont d'Or cheese really is, its produced in the Alps on both the French and Swiss side, with the French cheese being made from raw cows milk and the Swiss using pastuerised milk. It's made during the winter months when the cows come down from the mountains when there is not enough milk to make the traditional Comte cheese.Mont d'Or CheeseIt's sold in small round boxes made of spruce by a tradesman known as a 'sanglier' and the best types are stapled together and not glued as they can then be put in the oven to bake. It's ready when the cheese forms a crust on the surface and starts to brown.Mont d'OrChris prepared some fantastic onion soup from our sprouting onions in the garage, be a shame to see them go to the compost heap. We also had some of our dry cured ham, pate and freshly baked baguette.There is plenty in one of these boxes for 4 people to have a great lunch. Strongly recommend trying one and sharing it with a few friends as we did.Mont d'Or